Best Inner Shoe Soles for Plantar Fasciitis


July 11, 2011


When you have Plantar Fascia or heel spur, you are advised to take certain steps to care for your heel. Wearing an inner shoe sole is one such essential step.

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er-shoe-soles-for-plantar-fasciitis/attachment/inner-shoe-sole/”>inner shoe solesThe first thing you are advised to do when you have Plantar Fascia is stay away from hard surfaces. Hard surfaces include thin flimsy slippers which have terrible soles. The reason why the soles of slippers are considered to be substandard is because they are very thin and hard. The soles of the slippers you may tend to wear do not offer any protection from the ground you walk on. As you know sometimes while walking you may step on some stones or pebbles or concrete that is already present on the road. We are not always looking at the ground as we walk on it and hence will not be expecting the tiny obstacles. If you do step on these then you will experience a shooting pain that is generated in your heel which goes right up your heel to your spine. This pain will only worsen

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that of the Plantar Fascia

It is hence recommended that you wear inner shoe soles while you walk. These are ideal for people who suffer from Plantar Fascia. Inner shoe soles can be easily slipped into any type of footwear you choose. They are extremely soft and spongy. They give your heel extra cushioning and buffering from any shocks that may come your way.
Inner shoe soles give you the pleasure of knowing that you can walk about on almost any surface without feeling the pain that is caused by Plantar Fascia. Ins protect the feet and keep them from cracking or bleeding , this helps keep the feet from swelling

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up and helps relieve inflammation as well.

Inner shoe soles can be purchased at all leading shoe stores. They are available in different sizes based on your shoe size. Always buy a shoe sole that is of your shoe size only. Buying a sole bigger or smaller than your specific size may cause a problem in the sense it will not fit right. The purpose and advantage of the sole is null and void if the size in not right. So for people suffering from Plantar Fascia getting the right sized sole is of utmost importance.

The inner shoe soles made specifically for Plantar Fascia can be purchased online also. There are many sites which sell accessories that may help relieve the pain and help you deal with Plantar Fascia.





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