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If you have looked for a good pair of tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis with poor results, there may be a reason for it. There isn’t a huge selection of shoes that actually work to reduce heel pain. But this shouldn’t keep you from looking because the one thing that you may want more than anything in the world is to be able to play tennis again pain free. Do you remember the good ol’ days when you could play for hours without even thinking about it?

Those of us suffering on a daily basis with plantar fasciitis and the resulting and sometimes unbearable heel pain will do anything to reduce it – even spending thousands of dollars and time away from work for invasive surgery!

Before you resort to this, here are the top 5 tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis, broken down by how well they work and the reasons why they alleviate heel pain. Getting the right pair of shoes can make a world of difference.

5. Asics

tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis

These shoes are world renowned for being running shoes, but did you know that they also make excellent tennis shoes? The thing that makes Asics stand out from the rest is their patented Trusstic System for mid-foot stability. Consider this a supportive brace for your plantar ligaments. You can make the quick movements required in tennis without having to worry about extra and unnecessary strain on the sole of your foot and heel.

The prices are a little more expensive, but from different reviews and feedback from real people with plantar fasciitis, Asics are a fantastic choice and truly help alleviate the after effects of a good match.

4. Easy Spirit

tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis

Ladies, these shoes are especially made for you – not only providing you with excellent support, but beautiful designs and colors to match any wardrobe. Their motto is that shoes can change your life, in this case they believably can. Tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis don’t have to always be top name brand. Sometimes the gems can be found among the lesser-known shoe companies.

Probably the best thing about these shoes is that they are light-weight and durable, which means they are a good value for the money. Many of us don’t have the budget for higher end specialty orthotics. We just need something that works. Easy spirits are made to prevent heel slipping, can be customized for wider feet and bigger toes, and most importantly have energetic arch support.

They have a good selection of athletic and tennis shoes that will help relieve the pains of plantar fasciitis.

3. Brooks Athletic Shoes

tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis

This is the perfect shoe for people looking to relieve heel pain while exercising and for those also looking to be eco-friendly. Brooks takes things to a whole new level by embracing cutting edge technology while using materials and manufacturing processes that reduce the amount of harmful effects on the environment.

Brooks helps with plantar fasciitis by using a technology called DRB Accel. This is a thermoplastic device that provides rigidity and support to the mid-foot during movement. This means that your heel and forefoot act independently which results in less stress, tension, and most importantly, pain.

2. Kuru Footwear

tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis

Many people suffering from heel spurs swear by these shoes. Their main reasoning for people getting heel pain is because most of the shoes in their closet are flat. If you lack the support your feet need the pressure of your body’s weight will throw off your balance resulting in unnecessary pressures in your ligaments.

Kuru Footwear eliminates this problem by using their time-tested orthotic midsole technology called KuruSole molded into every shoe they make. Another important addition is the deep heel cup. This reduces tension on the heel, which is where the majority of the pain resides. It’s like a pillow for your heel, whereas other shoes are like stabbing your heel into a piece of wood every time you take a step.

1. New Balance

tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis

This is the number one brand of tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis for a reason – they are especially for people with ankle, heel, and foot pain. Something that many of you have probably discovered is that you need an athletic shoe that has excellent arch support. Not only because it alleviates the tension on the ligaments that cause heel pain, but also it supports the whole foot and aligns the rest of your spine and body. This can be the difference between wanting to get up out of bed in the morning and enjoying your day!

Most versions of New Balance tennis shoes provide the support that you are looking for, but one in particular stands out among plantar fasciitis sufferers as an excellent choice: New Balance Motion Control. They literally make it easier to walk by controlling the natural motions of your feet.

Getting the right shoes will make all the difference

You’d be amazed at the success stories of people before and after buying the right shoes. Check out this thread to see what I mean. Some people suffered for years before discovering the right shoe for them, and within months they were freed from their pain.

You don’t have to suffer unnecessarily any more when playing tennis or engaging in any other athletics. Decide now to buy the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis, and get your life back.


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