Top 5 Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

I remember when I went on a trip and the only things that I brought to wear were flip flops – bad mistake. Because of how much my wife and I walked on this trip, upwards of six or 7 miles a day, the constant pushing down motion of my toes onto my sa

ndals caused incredible strain on my plantar fascia ligaments.

The pain started on the first day, got worse on the second, and by the third day I literally couldn’t take more than just a few steps before having to stop. I have never felt more pain walking in my entire life!

If you’re like me and hate to wear shoes because they feel restrictive, but also don’t want to suffer with unnecessary and life-changing foot and heel pain, then consider our choice of the 5 best plantar fasciitis flip flops.

* indicates that they are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association

5. FitFlops*

plantar fasciitis flip flopsThis company out of the UK has patented designed for their flip flops that actually help you exercise your feet and legs while you walk – while at the same time providing awesome arch support to your mid sole region.



4. Birkenstock

plantar fasciitis flip flopsThis company has a reputation for making stylish flip flops, but did you know they actually make orthopedic flip flops as well? This means that the contours are specific for people with plantar fasciitis – every part of the shoe supports your foot in a way that the pressure points help stimulate healing. The best kinds are Giza and Luxar models.

3. Orthaheel*

plantar fasciitis flip flopsThese orthotic flip flops, hence the name “Orthaheel”, were designed to help align the body, reduce heel pain, and other problems related to poor posture. They come with a walk pain free guarantee, which means that existing pain and potential pain is reduced as you wear them over 30 days. If you aren’t pain free by then you get 100% of your money back. They are rated high among owners against other plantar fasciitis flip flops.

2. Reebok*

plantar fasciitis flip flopsYou may have recently seen one of Reebok’s commercials for EasyTone shoes that shape up your legs and butt just by walking. Well, guess what? They also have EasyTone flip flops that are made for people who need extra arch support, balance, and of course the occasional workout while they walk.





1. Chaco*

plantar fasciitis flip flopsIt’s almost a consensus among plantar fasciitis sufferers – these flip flops are stylish, comfortable, have fantastic arch support, and best of all, they actually work to help ease heel pain. Chaco has one of the widest selections in the industry along with customizable straps and designs in thong and wide foot flip flops.


At one point in time the APMA actually discouraged people from wearing flip flops altogether because they were usually flat and unsupportive. But now with advancement in technology and a better awareness of the mechanics of the human foot while walking, big brands have come out with these orthotic and pain reducing plantar fasciitis flip flops. Now you never have to sacrifice style over comfort during the summer.

Are your favorite flip flops on this list? If not, what have you had success with for reducing heel pain?

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